ATR premises enable individuals or organisations to train or be trained in Close Protection 

ATR provide an approved level 3 Close Protection course with Pearson at the bespoke training academy. The Close Protection course has set criteria that can be reviewed on the  SIA website.

The Close Protection course includes First Aid at work. This enables individual delegates to apply for an SIA licence on successful completion through the Security Industry Authority. 

Individuals and teams can take advatage of the First Person on Scene course as part of bolt on training. 

If you require to conduct firearms training, there is an opprtunity abroad which is offered, there is an additional cost if you require this and available on signing up for the course. Similarily those that require ROSPA driver certification this is also available.

Training Academy Location

The Close Protection course academy is close to Reading in a secluded woodland area, allowing the venue to make scenario-based training more realistic and creating an immersive learning experience, this allows for more time training and less time moving.

Course Timetable

The courses are either 14, 19 or 24 days long, the longer duration includes First person on the scene (FPOS) and Firearms training overseas. 

This Course is designed for you...

The Close Protection age requirements are 18 and over this limit is provided by the SIA. As a Close Protection Operative you must be able to assess every situation and have procedures in place. Background knowledge is key but not essential as ATR will take you on a journey from the very basic start point and teach you everything you need to know.

There are also elements that are additional to the basic specifications this will involve discreet protective screening, surveillance, Close Protection Operative technical equipment and Close Quarter Protection (ATR's in house Self Defence) designed around your new role.

The ATR Aim

Our aim is to allow you to enjoy a life changing experience whilst learning skills that will enable you to take your next career step. ATR want to provide you with different skills, tools and procedures that enable you to make quick and at times life saving decisons. No two situations are ever the same and as a trained Close Protection Operative you need to be prepared. Whether you are protecting a celebrity, politician, high net worth individual or someone that needs escorting, you will be provided with the requisite skills to allow you to excel. We look forward to meeting you on the next available course.

ATR Close Protection - Course Dates and Costs

Course loading is currently on hold pending on Government restrictions being lifted. You can still get in touch however, details below and we will be more than happy to provide assistance and costings. 

I attended my CP course in December 2018 and have to say that after completing many training courses in my time in the military and within law enforcement that this was one of the most informative, demanding and enjoyable courses I have attended in recent years.  

The course is full on from start to finish where the fitness sessions and unarmed combat (especially for a 50-year-old) added a unique blend of learning and activity to ensure you get the most out of the learning experience.  

The relaxed military style teaching approach made the course humorous and the teaching staff just put the icing on the cake.  I left the course tired, full of enthusiasm and thinking “Carlsberg don’t do CP courses but if they did, it would be this.”

I would highly recommend that if you’re thinking of a career in close protection, get trained by ATR.

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