ATR premises enable individuals or organisations to train or be trained in Close Protection 

Whilst we deliver our own Close Protection courses the site is also available for hire to run your own courses or practice your teams. We are close to Reading in a secluded woodland area, allowing our venue to make scenario-based training more realistic.

The courses are either 14 or 19 days long, the longer duration includes First person on the scene (FPOS). In order to apply for your SIA licence, you need to have a First Aid qualification. There is also an option to conduct firearms training abroad this is offered on a case by case basis and dependant on your requirements.

As a CP you must assess every situation and have procedures in place. Background knowledge is key in your preparation and performing some discreet surveillance is part of the role so you can be best equipped before you carry out your task. Responsible for the protection of your client keeping them safe from any unwanted attention or physical harm.

Our aim is to instruct you on different skills and procedures enabling you to decide what is best suited to the situation you are faced with, no two are ever the same so you need to be prepared. Whether you are dealing with a celebrity, Politician, high net worth individual or someone that needs escorting, in depth knowledge is key and we will instil that whilst on the course.

I attended my CP course in December 2018 and have to say that after completing many training courses in my time in the military and within law enforcement that this was one of the most informative, demanding and enjoyable courses I have attended in recent years.  

The course is full on from start to finish where the fitness sessions and unarmed combat (especially for a 50-year-old) added a unique blend of learning and activity to ensure you get the most out of the learning experience.  

The relaxed military style teaching approach made the course humorous and the teaching staff just put the icing on the cake.  I left the course tired, full of enthusiasm and thinking “Carlsberg don’t do CP courses but if they did, it would be this.”

I would highly recommend that if you’re thinking of a career in close protection, get trained by ATR.

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